About our Volunteer Makers

About our Volunteer Makers

Volunteers at Chelmsford Museum are a community of individuals, teams and organisations working alongside the Museum to create an inspiring and diverse museum service, one that is focused on Chelmsford, and worthy of the City and its district in the 21st Century.

Our volunteers are passionate about championing culture in Chelmsford and helping to build an inclusive Museum which stimulates a wide variety of quality visitor and learning experiences. As a volunteer, you will help us ensure that our collections, displays, learning and research opportunities reflect the diversity and creativity of Chelmsford.

Because we want a community that challenges us and helps us transform our museum and city, we will offer roles of real responsibility.

  • You will transform the output, events and collections of the museum in our city. We want you to be able to say “I helped achieve this”.
  • You will have fun and make new friends. We want to celebrate what makes Chelmsford special, YOU, the people who live here, whether you are new the city or have lived here your whole life.
  • We will be with you along the way and will even provide training for some challenges.
  • You will build skills and experiences that look great on your C.V, whether you want to get involved in the cultural sector, or related areas such as marketing and events or education.

Anyone can join our volunteer community, whether you’ve got a minute to spare, can give a day, or want to volunteer regularly. New volunteer projects and challenges will be regularly posted on this website and participants are encouraged to sign up and accept the challenges. We even want our community to be telling us what challenges they want to see. 

To get started all you have to do is register to join in, or if you have any other questions then please get in touch at Museums@Chelmsford.gov.uk